Landscape Design Philosophy and Ecological Sustainability

Windbreak Design

Landscape Design inspired by Nature

Brigit is inspired by the beauty of nature and her love of plants and animals.

A deep understanding of natural landscapes and the complexity of life processes guide her design approach. Brigit's Landscapes reflect this by combining country living and aesthetic considerations with useful plants and wildlife habitat.

Property Revegetation and Wildlife Habitat Design

As a result, Brigit's gardens are beautifully proportioned outdoor spaces with a relaxed atmosphere in harmony with the natural environment. They offer the pleasure of natural sounds and birdsong, the delicacy and colour of blossoming plants, and diverse textures of flowers, foliage and bark.

Ecological Sustainability

Ecological sustainability and environmental protection are a fundamental part of Brigit's work. She integrates the functional and aesthetic aspects of a landscape with ecological diversity and natural processes. This involves:

  • A diverse range of plants that conserve water and are low maintenance
  • Native plants to create habitat for birds and wildlife
  • Productive plants such as vegetables, fruit trees, fodder and firewood
  • Recycled, renewable and sustainable materials

Her clients generally wish to create a setting that is sympathetic to the natural landscape and facilitates a healthy, down to earth country lifestyle.